Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Away from home

We were away at the amazing east coast of Tassie in a delightful town called Bicheno last week.  We put our lovely Burmease in a cattery, but Toby could come with us.  The place we stayed had a five paw rating for Life Be In It  Dog Friendly Accommodation. It was called the Aspley Holiday Unit.http://www.apsleyholidayunit.com.au/
  It is a little way out of town about 3km, but really fantastic if you are travelling with your dog, or want to holiday with your dog.
 The property is fenced off so your dog can run about the large 1/4-1/2 acre yard which is full of native trees and has views off the ocean in the distance and you can hear the sound of waves.
The beaches in Bicheno are fantastic and the largest one with its lovely safe swimming and long stretching beach is dog friendly.  How Toby loved it running along the sand and into the water.  Last time we were in Bicheno he lost his dog collar and tags, we got home and several days later someone had found them, gone to the trouble of contacting our council and sending it home to us.  We did pop in and say thankyou a few weeks later and pay for the cost of mailing it.  This time we lost a fantastic brand new frisbee, last seen heading on its way to New Zealand.  lol  Toby just would not go in to the water far enough to get it.  I began to the water was lovely and clear and warm.  I waded in (having taken off my trousers) and about 4 metres out found myself in water too my under arms.  The frisbee was still quite a way out..lol I can see why our dog, who loves water but is a little reluctant to actually swim far was not keen to go out. 
You can learn more about this delightful sea side town on these sights. 
There is also a fantastic large deck that can be closed entirely off.  We left Toby there for several hours he was safe and secure.
 We went to an amazing animal park, www.natureworld.com.au   just 2km down the road from where we were staying.  I am so annoyed that I forgot my camera, as you would have loved the three young Tasmanian Devils that were chasing each other over the two peices of meat.  These and several other pairs that live here are tumor disease free.  Two wedge tail eagles, who had been hurt and not able to live in the wild anymore, but they were not in an enclosed cage.  The devils and young wombat sleeping on his back stole my heart.
I must admit I used to think devils were horrible creatures, until many years ago DH and I went to a wild life park close to home; now closed due to all the very expensive extra insurances they had to have saddly. Seems Australians are going down the US road of sueing for anything and accepting little responsiblity for yourself or simple accidents that are truely no one fault.  I do not mean any offence to any Americans who read this! Just my opinion on a very sad state of affairs when beaurocracy has made it very hard for long standing businesses to keep going due to more and more regulations and insurance requirements.  For me it is a very sad comment on our society and leaders.  (I now step down off my soap box, brush myself off and move on). 

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