Saturday, 20 March 2010

The long way home.

I worked a night shift for the first time in quite a few weeks recently.  I decided to take a pictorial journal of what I did on the way home.  
Sunrise from the windows of where I work.  This would be about 6am or a bit earlier. Sadly my camera just could not do this particular cloud or the colour its true justice.

I left work at about 8:00 normally I would leave earlier, but as I had some things to do I waited and talked with my day shift colleagues for a while.

My first stop out of town was the tip shop, there are three in the Hobart surrounds. This is the one on one of my ways home.
I love stopping at the tip shop.  I have purchased some amazing bargains here and some things that have been very useful in the garden and house.  The dinner set we currently are using is Wedgwood and whilst is not complete, it  has enough pieces for us to use and entertain with, plus it compliments my other bits and pieces.  23 pieces and only $30.  I wanted to get two more plates these will cost me $25ea!  

It can yield unexpected wonders or absolutely nothing.  From this tip shop (both pictures) there have been one couple who have built and furnished their own home all from recycled materials.  From rubbish that other folk have bought out to dump at the tip!

Can you believe the view from the tip as you leave?

These little treasures are found near one of my faviourite vegetable stalls called Meridith's it is just a shed and they have great deals on fruit and vegies.  They are made out of corrugated iron, and painted.  They change them around at times.  There is also one of a fox, but he was elusive this day. Tasmania used to be fox free, though there are fears that they are here now.  If this is true they would really decimate our wild life and compete with devils.
This is a photo of another Smithfield dog I met at               The topiary mother and baby duck are just the
Meridith's on my way home. Toby is a Smithfield too.       other side of the road.  Pretty fun vegie market!

The sign and little vegie stand under neath is an organic vegie grower, who also has alpacas.  I stop here because she has great value onions and I did not have a great success with onions this season.  So I buy hers and of course usually come away with some other items.

Added to our own bounty, lots of delicious, sweet, tasty cherry tomatoes and our own eggs. I picked and gathered these on my return home that day.
We do have a paradise within 100km to source our food from.

Just to let you know the four girls are all laying eggs now.  My neighbours are sharing in their produce currently.  I will begin to freeze some for the quieter time ahead.

Off course no long day shopping and chasing up messages after a night shift would ever be complete without a coffee from my local cafe.  The Lotus Eaters.  Great food made with love and incredible skill for flavour.


Debbie said...

What a great part of the world you live would be a joy to drive home from work each day.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

One persons rubbish can be another persosn treasures :-)

That was a beautiful morning sky even if You feel the camera didn´t do it justice.

I do hope You don´t have foxes now! I love them here where they belong, but they will do to much damage on Your very special wild life.

I´ve sown some tomatoes and tomatillo´s now so I hope I don´t have to buy that this summer :-) Next year I´ll start a vegetable garden again, this year I´m not allowed to dig at all (well I might do that anyway, but just a little :-) :-) ).
Have a great day now!