Saturday, 6 March 2010

How come I have so many zucchini's when my plants did not fruit?

I was shopping at my local health food store, getting real peanut butter, just ground up peanuts..yummo!  As I was leaving the lady asked me if I liked zucchini, yes was my response, I was given three lovely dark green zucchinis, not huge but good size and lovely steamed with butter and garlic.  Very nice on the BBQ too.

I was chatting to my neighbour on Monday over our sort of fence, which is mostly blackberries.  She offered me a zucchini, it was the size of a marrow.  But so full of taste. 
We had zucchini fritters with lamb stew and mashed potato and a tomato salsa that night.  All I did was cut the zucchini slices a bit thicker than normal, cut them in half and dip them in a very runny batter made with cornflour, water and yogurt.  Pan fried in oil shallow. (you could I guess deep fry them).Oh and these ones I topped with parmesan cheese after they were cooked.  
Shows the size of the zucchini used.
 I would add cummin next time I think to the batter. They were lovely and crisp on the outside and soft on the in. 
I made 1 zucchini  and walnut cake.  I use pecans though as I am not so keen on walnut. I also ended up with six small cup cakes.  I have enough zucchini to make another cake.  Which I will do tomorrow and freeze it. 
This is one of the cupcakes.

We went over to visit this neighbour for a drink this evening and she gave me another large zucchini, so we will have more cake frozen.  I usually do a cream cheese icing on it but it is pretty fine without it too.


Debbie said...

My mouth is watering just looking at the food you have be cooking.
Zucchinis are so versatile :0)

Out Back said...

Yum, that zucchini went a long way. My mum stuffs them when they are that big. I must give it a go one day.

I didn't get to plant any this year but my daughter did so she kept me in supply.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It´s fun how one can have many zuccinis even if one wasn´t succesful with ones own plants :-)
That food looks delicious!
Take care!

Nicole said...

Hi Aussiemade
Whay was the recipe you used for your zuchinni cake?

JOC said...

Hi Aussie,
it's amazing how creative one can get when there's a glut of a certain veggie. I've never tried the cake idea though, thanks for the idea.
How are you both? Are you enjoying this amazing weather?
I told M about the men's shed and apparently the Dover group were invited there for one night last year and really enjoyed themselves!

Aussiemade said...

The flavour was amazing in the cake, and we enjoyed the fritters so much we had them as a light dinner the next night, these are the ones on the page.

Nicole I will put the recipe on my blog.

Joc the constant heat and humidity is quite tiring, I escaped the mainland to avoid