Tuesday, 2 March 2010

How can it be Autumn already?

It is not possible that it is Autumn.  It has come around so fast.  However we have been having lovely  warm days and quite cool no cold nights for us at this time of year.  We had a fire on over the weekend all day.  However this week is set to see temps warm up again.   Mind you I feel a wimp talking about cold when I look at blogs in the Northern Hemisphere where record levels of snow have been falling, I really have nothing to say about cold.  lol 

On a drive home from Cygnet (our little village closest to us) two days ago  I saw so many beautiful scenes and end of summer and colours that evoke cooler weather.  These rose hips just too attractive to not photograph.

The grape leaves have begun to change into their Autumnal colouring after the couple of quite cold nights we had
My DH's eldest daughter bought me a bunch of these the other day
such an amazing colour. I am not sure what they are called, 
they last for ages as cut flower

I have been getting some delicious cherry tomatoes, and runner beans.
The summer garden has not been a success as previously mentioned.  I am delighted to have any vegies coming from the garden.

My beautiful chooks are laying two eggs a day at present and my youngest one is finally looking as if her combs and wattles are beginning to grow.   I think I have two girls laying good eggs firm shells and lovely dark colours as Barnevelders should be.  I found an egg two days ago that was thin shelled and very flexible and fragile, it was also very pale.
 My four Barnevelders having their monthly worming treat.
This is one that weighs in at 43gms and
has this amazing speckle appearance.
Which you can see more clearly in the close up

I went out a bit later in the day when their had been a raucous lot of clucking to be able to take this photo.  No other chookie was about so I think she may have been singing out to celebrate, or is it moaning from the exertion?
Yes that is a golf ball.  It is my fake egg.
Seems to be working.
It is amazing what I see sometimes when I walk out the back door.  I was watching a Kookaburra sitting on a branch, and I decided to go and grab my camera.  He was sitting watching something in the undergrowth and just after I arrived back and took this shot he swooped down.  There was a rustle in the long dry summer grass, up he flew with a small rabbit in his mouth.  I was not quick enough to capture it, well the one photo I managed was just a bit of his wing. 


Debbie said...

Yes Autumn has arrived and some of the plants are starting to change colour. I love Autumn!

Ramsey said...

Great to see that you are traveling around and enjoying the Autumn harvest.
I always enjoy reading your blog.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Yes it is a bit unfair that You already have autumn when it´s not even close to spring here in the north :-)

-25C this night and around -3 now. But the sun is strong now, so even if we have below freezingpoint the snow still melts in the sunlight. It is what we call Springwinter.

Your hen are so beautiful!
Take care now!