Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Afternoon Tea.

On Saturday we had Marks Afternoon Tea and Jazz Birthday party at our place. I had been cooking and preparing for it for a week, cooking late at night as it was too hot to cook during the day. My first ever attempt at nori rolls was successful. It is a shame the same can not be said for the Vietnamese rolls bought out late in afternoon but eaten. they just would not roll properly for me. The garden is so dry and we are low on water, but we had it all looking nice on the deck. Thanks to Mark and my dads hard work. We were lent a beautiful tarp, and this is where the band played. How fantastic were they. We had two friends from NSW and my Dads partner staying with us and what treasures they were, doing fairy bread, and great sandwiches. There was great joviality and raucousness from the production line out on the deck on the Saturday morning. As one of our friends said, the preparation is part of the fun. You know what it was. We had about 35 people come, and enjoy our afternoon tea. The great thing was there was very little left over. (well 3 cakes that I did not put out, and 3 dips I forgot). I was very happy, very tired and had a very delighted Mark. It was great to have so many family and friends share with us. I prepared 95% of the food and we had serve yourself coffee, and tea making facilities with an urn my work had lent us. We had straw bales to sit on out side near the music and under the shade of the wattles, there was the deck where people sat, chatted and listened to the music. We also had the lounge area of the house so those that wanted a little less noise and more comfort could sit and chat. Strangely the alcoholic punch went down very well, and people seemed to enjoy the non alcoholic punch, just not as much! When I bought home the bottles of Green Ginger wine, Mark was reminded of some experiences when he was a youngster having it. Added a bottle of vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, dry ginger ale, and was very intoxicating little drink. the worry about people getting here, due to road closures about us (from a new Targa race) did not deter people and everyone arrived, some just a little later. I was busy ensuring food, and drinks were maintained and those who were sitting about were offered food, I was on my feet all day, and so so exhilarated but have I mentioned tired before? at the end of the day. Marks daughters helped with cleaning up thanks so much. His lovely GD danced to the music and helped with decorations. Thankyou darling. My aim was for Mark to have a party where he did not have to do a thing, just chat, eat drink and listen to the fantastic Jazz that was played. Our neighbours were great helping with shade clothe, which he just put up for us on our deck, and he trimmed the trees so people could sit out in the shade under the wattles. They also lent us some out door chairs, and tubs for drinks people bought with them. Life is so good with a great sense of community and friendship. We are so happy and fortunate with our neighbours. On a different note, we have still not had rain, and have had some corker of hot days and nights (for tassie) not as bad as Melbourne and Adelaide though. The garden is suffering because it is so dry and the wind has been so bad this year. Relentless, so even if the garden is going okay it is blown to smithereens! My pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplants are growing and flowering. We have been digging up potatoes as needed, but hard to find as I just chucked them in an area, I did not raise them and so now the rabbits have eaten off all the stems, I have to be careful where and how I but they are delicious. The tanks are low and we are wanting some rain(preferably a good gentle soak and then some heavy showers, only at night..and dry warm days..I dont ask much lol) It was lovely to have my dad and his partner here, and our other friends stay with us. It is lovely to be just us again now. I love having people stay, and love it just being us Routine is re establishing itself, and I have been worried about my dad as he has an allergy to dog and cat hair, we have both. So poor man must have been very uncomfortable to be with them, yet he took the dog for walks, mucked about with him and was what can you do? Paradise just needs some rain, and a fair bit. The dam behind our house (belonging to our neighbour) is dry totally, and Mark has never seen it like this before in his 30 years living here. We can buy water in which it is looking like we may have to. I was so busy at the party, that I did not take a photo. So I am hoping that people who did will send us some. If they do I will post some on here.