Saturday, 6 March 2010

Men and their toys.

So my DH had an appointment in Huonville.  I had the dog and we drove down to Franklin (which is on the other side of the river from us).  If you ever visit the Tahune Airwalk you will drive through it.  They have a lovely place for camper vans to pull in by the river, it is basic but beautiful scenery.  They also have an off leash area for dogs. 
So Toby and I drove on down and he jumped out of the car to do what dogs do run and sniff and leave his mark/s.  I walked up the side of the river aways and noticed these sail boats skimming along rapidly, only there was no wind and they were very small.          
Then I noticed the men with the remote controls in their hands.

I sat and watched for a while, taking in the concentration and stress evident on some of the mens faces it was serious stuff racing remote control boats. 
Just looking about the rivers edge  whilst walkind with Toby

Looking back towards where we live    

On the drive home

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Ramsey said...

You both live in such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing those views with us all