Sunday, 26 July 2009

Winter cold; but spring weather...don't plant anything in the garden..

Well it has been a hard week I have been battling a cold and finely succumbed. Fortunately it has not been so bad that I have had to cancel working. Many of my colleagues have been quite sick with flu and yes some have swine flu. So I could be working many extra shifts. Which works okay as the garden is really too wet to work in, so being off colour makes it easier to not be in the garden. It is looking lush and I have my first daffodils and foxgloves. I have been looking at what is growing about the deck. My mint is still going ,usually it dies off in its pot during winter, so maybe all the rain is the secret more water required. Mixed lettuces in my protected set up (polystyrene box with bird wire protection from possums and rats)are not so happy , too much rain for them perhaps. They have been under the deck up stairs so should not have had frost on them. I have aloe vera in a pot with a lot of pups so will have to separate and plant pups in other pots soon. The photo below shows my miners lettuce growing. It is prolific and grows all over the place, but easy to get rid of and great to eat in leafy green salad mix. I use it with my mesculan mix, corn salad, parsley and turnip greens salads. The little gnome like character is actually a watering device to help get water down to the roots. We have not done any fencing for the chookies run at Chookie Tajmahal however my DH is building me a great pergola as an entrance to the chooks and I will grow either kiwi fruit or passion fruit over Tajmahal well passion fruit may be the better to grow. lol If you look in the distance of this photo you can see it under construction.

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