Saturday, 4 July 2009

Raining still we are snug and by the fire

Sally A the first photo shows my polystyrene boxes on the deck with onion seedlings in them, covered with bubble wrap, the seedlings are sprouting. I do take the plastic off them when the sun is out, which has not happened much down here lately. I am not really complaining it just is so wet and slippery underfoot everywhere. The second photo is of lettuces, in frame, with mesh to stop possums eating the lettuces I am trying to grow in there. Just showing you the bubble wrap insulation on top to protect the seedlings. The third photo is showing the finished chookhouse in the distance and showing how green and wet it is apparently we have had the most rain in June in over 50 years. So it is wonderful as all the water sources are filling up or overflowing, the underground water areas will also be full and the soil is so wet and spongy. Saddly it means I have done little weeding and not much else. Our next project is the fencing for the chook run. I also have to extend both the vegetable garden and berry patch in area so more fencing. The very cheap bird wire I used a few years ago is now failing under the pressure of wind and wallabies so it is all being replaced. At least that is how I am hoping these photos will turn out..sigh as I had a hiccup in the downloading so fingers crossed.

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