Friday, 17 July 2009

Did I say it has been cold down here?

I did say it has been extremely cold down here lately. Just to show you how beautiful a frosty morning (well actually it was after 12pm when I took these photos on the way home from a night shift, having done some shopping on the way. Got out into the very wet garden today and finally cleared some weeds out of the winter garden bed.(at least I am pretty sure they are weeds.) I am going to plant carrots and maybe some more onions in this bed. Broad beans are doing well, silver beet is not so great, peas well some are okay(those that are protected by eaves of the house. My raspberries are still flowering? It seems kind of strange. I made some Naan bread to have with a great curry the other night. It was so easy that I will never buy it again. Sure it takes a little while, but the knowledge of what is in it, that I have made it, and the simplicity off it. I started to think about it Naan is made by many millions of people in Indian so it must be a simple process, which I discovered it is. You do need a little time, as in bread making, but the taste is so delicious. Naan an extra treat with indian take away. $3 each I made 8 naans for 2 cups plain flour, a teaspoon of dried yeast a bit of salt and sugar and some water. I have frozen those not used. Just grilled them under the grill on our stove. The wire for the fencing for the chookrun has been delivered today, so we hope to get the run up in the next week. I am keeping my eye out for chookies, I have seen a couple of adds lately but we are not quite ready so have had to wait a bit longer. It is going to be another cold night, but I did notice in my garden the first of my daffodil and jonquil bulbs are about to flower. The happy wonder on the deck is looking so lovely in its purple flowers and the wattles are begining to flower. The daisys are begining to flower too! We have foxgloves flowering. I am almost begining to worry that I have not begun to sow seeds for my summer garden!

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