Saturday, 18 July 2009

Felt like spring was here in the valley today, but I will not be fooled into planting anything!

Well it has been another lovely day in the valley today. Very cold again overnight 1deg in Hobart so most likely a bit cooler down here. Last night I was so appreciative that I had fixed our new electric blanket. We have a kings size bed, and I begrudge paying the money they ask for a blanket for it. So I bought two kingsize singles (fitted) and was able to join the two together and make one for our bed. How lovely to hop into my roasty toasty bed. Out in the garden weeding again, clearing some of the flower beds. I also did a bit of clearing about the vegie garden. Picked some greens for salad tonight, but when we ate them they were not so good. Not enough sunshine I think and too much rain. I planted some daffodil bulbs I had forgotten about in pots, and some garlic that had sprouted and needed to thin out. I am still getting mushrooms from the compost (See photo)I bought ages ago. I picked a few more raspberries today(added them to the salad tonight). I thinned what I thought was a raddish only to find it was a very small beetroot. (sadly not ripe enough to eat but such a pretty one). Gleanings from the garden My vegie beds are to wide so I am looking at making them narrower, and reshaping the vegie beds to make it easier to tend. Whilst my lemon tree is looking so much healthier I am pondering when is the best time to move it. Or is it better to leave it and just buy a second tree. I was speaking with a neighbour today, who has the most amazing vegie garden and water catching system. He makes sure he never misses any moisture, he uses corrugated metal on the slopes to gather some more water into drains. I am hoping to talk with him more and gain much needed information and knowledge. He has a garden ablaze with daffodils at the moment, they form some of the borders around his paths. Amazingly pretty. He was saying that they are late this year, only a week but late. I always get a bit excited when my bulbs and the wattle start flowering. I want to get out in the garden and sow seeds, and feel the dirt on my hands. I was getting some seedling pots ready, filling them with a mix of worm castings and soil, thinking about what I can sow now that will be ready to plant in 8 weeks.(second week of September) not my tomatoes a bit early for them, unless I put some plastic about them to make a mini green house. So planning for spring is my main priority I just cant actually plant anything much in the ground as yet. I have to dig holes, for the lilacs, fig, grapes, kiwi and passion fruits. This all must be done in the next week as well as the fencing for the chookies. It is written here so I can report back.

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