Saturday, 1 August 2009

August and counting down the days till Spring is offically here..and what I have to get done!

Well guess what it is still wet ohh so wet, and today has been wildly windy. We have had some branches down and the power has gone off twice today. Thankfully for only short periods of time. I am very happy we are not a 100% electric home. When you do get black outs (as we do) on a regular basis. Generally due to high winds in our area. You really need to have a non electric source of heating and cooking. We have been without power for over 24 hours in the middle of winter on several occasions, fortunately not this year. I can only imagine how a home totally reliant on electricity would fare! So I have been out today staking my broad beans so they don't all get bent and break off. I did weed some chick weed I have growing in amongst my bulbs. I know have jonquils, and more daffodils flowering. Our happy wonder is looking resplendent in her purple flowers, especially when Looking at her with the golden wattles in the background, they are out of focus but give you the idea of how pretty it looks. As I said wet and wild here today, so I have been cooking. I made an old fashioned slice today. Raspberry coconut slice, however instead of using raspberry jam, I used apricot jam. Home made that is lovely and has large pieces of apricot in it, and not a lot of sugar. It is almost a sauce. I replaced it and put more than the normal amount. I also replaced the white sugar in the coconut topping with brown sugar. It is delicious and not as sweet as the raspberry one. As it has been too wet for DH to be in the garden finishing off the new pergola, (he has been doing his own lattice from scratch). He is instead building a new post box, as our old one an old plastic barrel has holes in it and lets the rain in. Which in the current weather means we are getting quite a bit of damp letters. He loves working with timber and I am looking forward to seeing his creation. The house is lovely and warm, with the smells of dinner cooking. Tonight oven roasted sausages, scalloped potatoes with garlic and onion, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and a carrot, sweet potato mash. So it is smelling terrific. I would love it to be a lovely sunny day tomorrow, unfortunately the forecast is for more rain for the next few days. I am begining to worry that if I stand still too long I will at worse take root, at best get mouldy! Well I hope the weather is good in your area and you are accomplishing a lot over this weekend. I guess I can get lots done in the house in preparation for when the sun does shine again. I still love where we live, and the lifestyle I have. I may complain about the weather, but I have all that I need and more in my life. I am so appreciative to my quality of life. You do not need lots of things, to make you happy, nor lots of money. Peace of mind, no debts, and a place to make your own home. Water and food good air to breathe, and hopefully love. I am so rich I have all these in abundance.

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