Friday, 10 July 2009

Views on my way to do the shopping.

As it has been so cold lately and I have done very little work in the garden I thought I would share some of the beauty in the valley where I live. Frosty mornings created some great photo opportunities. The river and frost are at a little place called Nicholl's Rivulet, a very scenic and slower pace trip to Cygnet via Margate, Snug, than taking the more direct but highway through Huonville. The photos of the snow capped mountains are taken on my drive from the little village near where we live, they are the Hartz Mountains great place to walk in summer. Nearest town is Geeveston. The river in front is the Huon and truly a delightful place to see but living here is heaven.. We are having a slow cooked lamb roast with home grown rosemary and garlic for dinner tonight. Something very simple and delicious. Meat falls off the bones. Tomorrow I am going to try a very old bread recipe out from a book I have just finished reading. I am also waiting Seville oranges to arrive at my vegie place so I can make some lovely marmalade. I will also be making some lemon butter as my beautiful SD gave me some lovely lemons of her tree. Hers has been so productive unlike mine! Maybe I will have a go at making some preserved lemons as well. Oh so many options. I have actually been drinking a lovely lemon cordial that a local lady makes and is selling at our produce market. May even try a cordial. More vanilla essence with vanilla and vodka is in the process of being made, as to is vanilla bean sugar. Will let you know how it goes.

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