Friday, 28 August 2009

Wind, water, washing and wallaby

This morning I was greeted by this site as I came out our front door.  Morning sunlight amongst the trees.  
 Quite beautiful. 
I decided that since it was going to be windy, with sunshine that it would be lovely to have the clothes dry out on the line instead of over the stair rails in side.  Which is how the drying has been happening for almost the last two months.  To show how much rain we have had over the last two months you can see the new water feature that has been added to our garden.  Not something we planned and it does make for interesting times when hanging out the washing. Very muddy and slippery.  Fortunately I did not add to my washing by slipping or muddying my clothes!

What I did not notice until it hopped away was a lovely Bellamy's wallaby that must have been coming down to drink at the new water feature, if you look at the picture below you can see it in the lower third of the photo.  I just caught him with the camera.  I must say it was lovely to have company as I hung the washing out.
Today is a day for catching up, finishing of the marmalade, generally tidying up, preparing for work and a night away from home.  I am also going to slow cook a roast chook today, for our dinner tonight.  
I made a cake last week apple and walnut (though I used pecans) and it looked lovely but oh it was lacking something.  It was heavy and well it has been fed to the worms in the worm farm, now that is unusual here.
So perhaps I will bake a butter cake/maderia cake.
My seedlings are doing well I have peas up, cabbage, and sunflower, sprouting quite well.  It must be the worm castings and potting mix I planted them in.  Now I am hoping that in several weeks I will be putting lovely healthy seedlings into my vegie beds.
I noted that the rocket has gone to seed, so that will mean some seeds for next season and maybe some will self seed, if I miss them. 
All in all a day a full of varied and different things, my darling man is cleaning out the gutters, in preparation for the next rain, they filled with wattle flowers, and gum leaves, and the other day they began to overflow in the extra heavy rain we were having.  Again there is snow on the Hartz mountains in the distance.  So still winter time in the south of Tasmania. 


jaz said...

i just don't know what i would do if i walked outside and saw a wallaby! probably i would make the evening news!!!

Tully said...

I love Mt Wellington with snow which, as you would know, is possible any old month of the year LOL!!
How lucky are you to see it from your house and garden.