Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hope Chest is full of hope...

The Hope Chest has taken a bit of a battering, first lot of seeds were knocked over by my DH accidentally...
Second lot well a kind neighbour was looking after them for me whilst we went away on our holiday....
Something ate them all when they forgot to bring them inside at dusk.....
My third and final lot are showing promise.

Basil seeds sprouting..if anyone can tell me how to get them up in the garden by direct sowing I would love to know.

Dwarf Capsicum with a little capsicum on it already and more flowers developing.
 Bean, tomatoes, melon, seedlings

Nasturtiums,  zuchhinis, pumpkins, honey dew melon,

Eggplant (Aubergine), Chilis, tomatoes,

Choko(green wrinkled thing), Avacado seed, and Rockmelon

Fig and one of my grapes,

I have been picking Broad Beans, and still my silver beet is going well.  Some is begining to go to seed.  I have purple podded peas, and snow peas.  g

The warmer weather has seen the garden just go crazy.  Everything is growing at such a rate, I will have to do a lot of pruning when the flowers have ceased on many of my shrubs, as they are almost making the pathways impenetrable. The scent from the Jasmine flowers is rather heady on the warmer evenings, and the curry plant in the foreground is just budding up for flowers.

Between the Diosma (small flower shrub behind the foxgloves) and the white daisies is one of our paths, (which I had almost cleared and begun to regravel, in early winter) The rains put an end to that and now the pathway is overgrown, pretty but ...

It is an amazing year for the foxgloves, and in the background some of the broad beans I plantedin the flower beds are almost ready to pick the pods from.
The irises are still coming up, a lovely white on on the right of the picture, (my photos are not quite as good as a friend kindly lent me her camera and I have not any idea how to use

New Leaves on my Kafir lime,

Look carefully you can see a flower bud or two on my Tahitian lime fingers crossed..

So all in all things are happening in my Spring Garden, and my hope chest is full of positive hope! 


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

So nice to see all those things growing! I´m planning a vegatable garden next year, a small one. I know I´ll have pumpkins :-)

Great pictures!
Have a great day now!

womanwisdom said...

hopeful...hopeful...hopeful...! i share much of that with you myaussiefriend! thanks for sharing your beautiful garden! i still dream to start an urban garden hhhmmmm....i think i should have plans...

take good care now, and enjoy the season!


erika said...

I LOVED looking at the pictures of your delicious green garden! It made me miss my father's vineyard and vegetable garden. Gardening is just so good for the soul :) Thanks for sharing your pics.

Deanna said...

You have gone a bit quiet...? probably just busy enjoying a glorious Tassie summer. Hope everything is going well.
I have been enjoying hearing all about you Wattle Grove progress !