Sunday, 4 October 2009

Early mornings

I was awake at 4:30 this morning, and being wide awake and unable to get back to sleep I rose and dressed in the dark, came down stairs to a chilly room, lit the fire, and watched the dawn breaking.  The dawn chorus was incredible, well worth being up to hear the celebration of the birds that another new day has dawned.  The Kookaburras laughed, 3 Swans flew overhead, one of the Sea Eagles was soaring about on the warming air across the river. I stood in the garden listening and observing all that we have around our home, with the scent of the smoke from the fire and a glimmer of snow on the Hartz Mountains in the distance.    I was unable to take photos of any of the birds light was not suitable but the garden and morning light on the water well these I can share with you!

I was unable to take photos of any of the birds light was not suitable but the garden and morning light on the water well these I can share with you!

I came inside to a warmer house (marginally) and decided to catch up with my reading of my blogs, and down load some photos onto the computer.  As I began Murph our cat wanted a cuddle and jumped up onto the computer desk, well onto the key board. Not happy with this he climbed onto my right arm and sat, not easy to touch type with a cat who weighs in at 5kg on your arm. He eventually decided to climb up and sit over my shoulder, purring and dribbling than slumbering after all it is only 5am and he needs all the cuddles and catnaps he can get.

  (one dribble happy, 2 dribbles unbelivably happy, three dribbles estatic and I need to shower and he goes on the  So I spent a happy hour or so reading blogs with my espresso coffee, toast with homemade seville orange marmalade watching the sun rise and the sun's heat begin to warm the room.


TheWhineyFairy said...

Good morning Aussie!
Ah, I remember those Tassie mornings so well - the love for that freezing cold feeling that the frost had kissed your nose, and the promise of sun coming in just a little while to warm your jumper enough to wander outside. Hope you have a lovely day...give my homestate a kiss for me, I miss her so much.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

What a wonderful morning! Out here it´s so quiet nowdays, most birds has left for warmer regions now. Now it´s dark until 7 am too.

It´s never wrong to have a cat taking a nap on ones shoulder, dribbling or not :-)
Have a great day now!

Hildred and Charles said...

Lovely post, and I feel real kinship with your profile and philosophy.

Life must be grand in such beautiful surroundings, and early mornings are best of all.

Tammy James said...

It looks and sounds lovely!

TheWhineyFairy said...

I nominated you for a blog award today! Just thought you might like to feel the blog-love! Come check it out!

Aussiemade said...

Hi everyone been away for over a week. Whiney fairy no sun still down here, more rain and more rain..
I hold onto the promise that Pete Cundall(gardening wiseman in australia) that all should be well after Hobart Show Day. Which is the end of the month(or is he talking about Launceston show day in the north of the state? He does live up north. oh

Christer I am always in wonder at birds migration, we have some birds that stay around us all year, which is lovely. Oh how our cat

Thank you so for your kind comments Hildred and Charles. Life where I live is something so precious and how fortunate we are to live here, even if I am complaining about the rain, I really must stop.
Thanks Tammy Jane.