Saturday, 9 May 2009

what on earth happended to April!

Well cool and wet down here today but I have been out to take some pictures of the garden. Things are growing relatively well and you will see my devices (mostly from tip shop) to try to thwart The silver beet is as you can see growing fantastically, I have sold several bunches at the produce market, people seem to love the tri colour of the stems. Broad beans are in same area and are doing well though I do have to put some string about them to stop them being blown about to much in the wind. I have also put in some tree onions in this plot, and a mesculan mix, and one or two other things um fenugreek hmm( I have to improve with putting lables about what is growing where. I have picked my very first saffron from my crocus two have flowered but sadly my DH accidentally threw out the first three i had drying. Second lot are in a safe place. Such a pretty flower. Still getting some tomatoes and zucchinis off the plants. Under the netting are my brassicas. Cabbages, Cauliflowers, brussel sprouts, and broccoli.


Discs said...

My my saffron! How very gourmet- The green eyed monster has appeared lol. I am almost 100% positive it would not grow here in QLD... Oh well I guess I'll just have to contend with growing heaps of other vegies that are virtually impossible to grow in the southern states!
Keep the pics coming- I love sneaking a peak into other peoples gardens.
There is a certain satisfaction in sitting at the dining table and telling the family and friends (casually of corse) oh these came from the garden....

Aussiemade said...

Dont get too I have only 8 bulbs at present so it will be a long time before I am growing anywhere near enough to consume in a year. lol