Sunday, 31 May 2009

The leaves have fallen and winter is before us! well for 2009 at least !

Last day of autumn. I have been away for a couple of days but thought I would show you chook house progress. Some of my garden, and the things I am doing to grow more. As well as areas I would like to pretty up a bit. I am hoping to put up a trellis for the kiwis so that they will hide the gas bottles. I am also going to plant the grapes so that they will give us summer shade on the deck. Cold and getting colder here today. I do get envious a little of the lovely gardens with great edges and defined paths. We have let our paths get grassed over, but they are being cleared, and we will re gravel. So I will be glad to have some time to deal with weeds and organising in the next three months. Joining in Sara's project 2010 of becoming as self sufficient in vegies, herbs and fruit on Simple Savings site is one of the great things I am undertaking for the next 18months. I love the aspect of planning ahead and really getting a grip on my garden so that it provides not only a place of beauty, relaxation and food, it provides my exercise workout, my quiet time, my care of my chookies. My DH and I find we dont really have a need to travel much or have holidays. Though we still do go away for weekends and a week or two here and there. It just seems to me our home is the place we are happiest. We already know that we are one of the most fortunate couples in the world we are content, we don't desire to be rich or have material things. We are happy with a lifestyle of simpler things, good friends, a sense of community and each other. We have our dog and cat, along with the native animals and birds that let us share their land. We see ourselves as being on their place and ensuring that we provide shelter and food plants for them as well as our selves, which in turn we kind of hope will help with them not eating our foods. (not that it happens )lol. Just had a wander around the garden to see how things are, and noted that in my absence of three days more mushrooms are growing or have become the giant mushrooms whilst I have been away, form my $3 bags of mushie compost. I have picked and picked so many swiss browns over 10kgs off them and the white button ones, another 6+ kg so have been able to share with neighbours and store mushrooms made into a mix of mushrooms, onion garlic and red wine. Great soup starter, or for rissotto. Popped several bags in the freezer. My blue angel peas are flowering, they are the ones in the polystyrene box sitting and trailing up the house.

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eagleau said...

Very impressive mushroom harvest ! And great tip for preserving extra in red wine - thanks for sharing !