Thursday, 28 May 2009

Last few days in Autumn 2009

First photos of chookhouse under construction. It is very exciting having the foundations and flooring structure up. This chook house will not be moving anywhere. Cemented in and structurally sound for a heard of sheep let alone half a dozen hens. My darling man says it is his Taj ma hal to me! His gift of love. Ohhhh I have such a lovely man in my life! My vegie garden is doing okay. Only trouble is my winter bed of greens seems to have been overtaken with weeds. Must be from the horse manure! I used old stuff, or maybe some of the sheep manure, but this was very very old stuff. Oh well I have been checking out with my plan what I am meant to have growing in this bed on Wikepedia (falling in love with this as I dont always know what a vegie looks so they give a picture). Helps me a lot. Silverbeet is going well (I have been selling some at the fortnightly produce market down here)! My broad beans are amazing me. I have flowers on a couple of them already. My peas that are growing against the house have some flowers on them. The Happy wanderer is coming into flower, and I am almost 100% certain this is early. Rosemary is flowering and many bulbs are up. I still have leaves on my plum, peach trees, though apricot cherries and hazlenuts aswell as part of the apple(grafted) have their beautiful autumn colours. We have had some rain and beautifully mild days with sunshine. The nights are cool (not surprisingly) and there have been a frost or two. I will be working on pathways, weeding, and fencing through out winter. Along with preparing seeds and seedlings for my summer feast of vegies. I appreciate the guys on the garden thread at for their help and assistance with answering questions. I love my garden and am really enjoying providing food for us to eat. I have lately been having meals with all produce provided by producers in my local area. I am very proud to support them. I get great organic beef from Nicholls Rivulet, and fruit and vegies from fellow producers at our local produce market, and locale.

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