Monday, 15 February 2010

My Kale comes with extras

 Last night I was sitting out on the deck watching three dragon flies swooping and flying after insects.  So pretty especially when the last vestiges of sunlight hit their wings. I did try to get a photo but no luck just blurs.
It was a lovely sultry evening, and today is amazing and much warmer than forecast.  
 This photo on the left shows my scarlet runner peas,
my rocket and mesculan lettuces flowering and below are my tomatoes.

I watered the vegie garden, and was delighted to see this lovely little frog nestled in my one and only kale plant.  He was equally surprised to see me I feel. 
I am hoping that he may be making a meal of any caterpillars, snails or slugs devouring my kale.      


This is my youngest chook.  She just seems to be so much behind the other girls in her growth.  I am not sure what is happening with her.  Hmmm I think I may be repeating myself.

I have to share with you that a well meaning colleague told me how she was using shredded paper in her laying boxes.  So in my wisdom I thought why not give it a try!  Hmmmm  I swear these two are saying we did not do it....
Why is it always the youngest gets the blame...

I speak from personal experience mind you in my case it was so often true.  It was I that done
So I now have a chicken run covered in shredded paper, and I will not be using it again.  Luckily the girls have succeeded in not only spreading the paper, they have also taken it upon themselves to reorganise the lovely pile of straw, manure and bits removed from their coop. I had put in the corner of their run to let it break down and form compost.  Well know it is going to rot all over their run...sigh.  Just hope it does not rain before I can rake it all up and fence it off.

Last but not least just a little oddity..
On the way into town today we were met with this lovely traffic light.  Which made me laugh, as we are 8km from nearest village, and well there are just so many cars at this very dangerous intersection. 

Ahhh but it was a glorious day and yes my windscreen is tinted. 

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