Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back to garden and planning for winter.

After almost 40ml of rain the other day, we have almost full rain water tanks, and when this is your sole source of water it is a pretty wonderful feeling. My usual way of celebrating this is to have a lovely long bath. Yes tonight will be a lovely soak in the tub.  The other wonderful thing that has happened in the time since is the raspberry canes are looking much healthier, and already there are new shoots of green in the dry grass.  It is a very unusual situation to beginning February (often our hottest month) with so much water.
  Tahitian limes in a pot.  Think I will have to grow a lemon in a pot too.  sigh
The tomatoes are beginning to produce.  However I do not seem to have any large tomato varieties growing.  Where did they go?  Oh well cherry tomatoes produce for much longer.  The scarlet runners are the only beans that have done anything much in the self care vegie patch.

No eggs from my beautiful girls as yet.  It is one of the exciting things waiting, waiting, waiting, for out first egg.  It is also one of the most
Two of my girls seem to be waiting for something too!  Eggs maybe?
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I have picked just over 1kg of blackberries today, so we will be eating some fresh tonight, and I will be making sauce and or some jam in the coming week or so.  Well if my energy levels rise.  I guess our life recently has taken its toll on me not just DH.

I have been thinking about he winter garden and have decided to plant some brassicas in our flower garden beds.  Will fill the empty gaps left by the end of summer growth.  Need to add some manure and mushroom compost and fingers crossed the wallabies wont lay on them.  I have a bed almost ready to go in the vege patch for some too.  So much for this year being one of increasing using our own produce, aaahhh but it is early still only February just have to remind myself of this.


Debbie said...

You have a heap of blackberries, I have a blackberry but it has not fruit this year......lots of cane but no fruit. Fingers crossed for next year :0)
I am thinking about my winter garden too

JOC said...

Hi Aussie, your girls certainly look ready to lay, with their combs and wattles so pink. It'll have to be this week! My two girls are now laying one egg each a day so it has been very exciting. For each bird, the first egg had no shell but after that they were normal. Naturally they're not using the nesting box but try and squeeze together on some straw that they have formed into a nest. We have a very healthy lime in a pot and a lemon and cumquat. The cumquat had blossom for the first time around christmas, along with the olive tree (also in a pot) and then there was none. So I think birds have enjoyed the tasty blossom. I was SO excited too. Anyway good luck with the garden and girls and don't try and do too much and overtire yourself.
Best wishes, JOC

Belinda said...

Good to hear you are taking things a bit slowly. I hope you continue to remember that the best way to care for your DH is to ensure you are taking care of yourself.

Kind Regards

greenfumb said...

To me gardening is great therapy, you might find as you go along that your energy levels increase - hope so anyway.

We had 100mm on Friday night so I too had a bath last night, had to scrub all that garden soil out of my feet and hands:-)