Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lost one brain!

It has been  a bit of a hectic week.  My brain has gone AWOL at times.  I drove up to work on Thursday only to find I was not actually booked for that day,but for Friday and Saturday?   I had booked my accommodation and at such short notice would have been billed, I ended up staying for the day browsing about the shops for an hour or so.  I am not a woman who enjoys wondering about the shops, unless they are garden centres or hardware shops.I ended up going for a drive. 
Quite a lovely day and I was really thrilled to see a mother swan and her 3 cygnets feeding on the side of a busy road.  Many vehicles flying bye not noticing.  Me I turned around but as I pulled up closer to the little family mum shepherded her babies into the water to hide behind some reeds.
Simple pleasures and delights

I watched them for a brief while but mum was quite disturbed so I left.  I worked Friday and had to cancel Saturday as I had made arrangements to meet friends at Salamanca Markets.  So another day wondering about looking at many things, and buying little.  Enjoying friends company and meeting some new people. 

Today was our little community village market day which I am one of the organisers of.  We began life as a local produce market, but are now encompassing local craft and artisians. Today we had lots of lovely plants, and some vegies, fresh free range eggs, home made cards, cakes, biscuits, homemade bread, goats cheese, pork pies, ginger bread, preserves of all kinds, jams, vinegerettes, flowers, knitted beanies.  I love my four hours a fortnight there meeting lots of people both locals and tourists.  I also love having choice of so many yummy things.  Tonights meal is a ploughmand, a bit of this and that.  Pork pie, pickels , I made, and relish I made, goats cheese, some of my quince jelly, olives, more cheeses, delicous.

As I was leaving to go to the markets I noticed the yachts were out. First race of the season a leisurely sail down from Hobart yesterday , and then they race back to Hobart today.

As you can see they were moving fast, lots of wind today. 

The weather has again deteriorated and the fire is lit as the wind blows, snug and warm glass of red wine at my side.  ahhh I have such a wonderful life, I am so content.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I think Your black swans are so beautiful! We have them in parks here, but they have to be brought in during winter.

Long time since I saw a regatta, i used to as much as I could when living in Gotheburg. Never participated myself though, even if I had a sail boat.

It´s so nice to read about all this now when our season is almost over. I think that there will be a market for lokal farmers here too soon, but I haven´t seen any information about it yet.
Have a great day now!

Aussiemade said...

Hi Christer we sailed in a small boat, a mirror it was called. Where I live is the nearest village is called Cygnet, and we have many black swans all over the place. We don't get white swans in Tasmania.
I too love reading about the changes occurring in the northern hemisphere. I feel on a really hot day it will be lovely to read about someone having cold and maybe snow surrounding them.

Tully said...

Love the photo of the swans :-)
I think it sounds as if you had a lovely couple of days, despite getting your days mixed up :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You accomplish so much. I am accomplishing less and less. A tiny backyard and I am diligent about watering it...but two acres...oh joy...but I can't keep up with blogging let alone two acres..and making all that good stuff you make.
Wow...a black swan. How beautiful she is. And her babies will take after her or will they stay white?

I get less and less busy as time passes. I guess it's called retirement. :)
My camera is working...and here is a good one when it comes to NOT using the brain.
I thought perhaps the battery was dead..but after a night in the was still dead. So..conclusion was that it was's a universal charger..and as it turns out (after a long distance call to Maine and Sweetie Pie...I had it in wrong. Camera fixed!!! Works like a charm. :)
My brain was simply NOT the answer was obvious once I KNEW it1 :)
Take care...and thank you for the nice comment.

Aussiemade said...

Mona I am glad that your camera is working lol..
The cygnets will turn black once their feathers come in. Our swans when they fly have white edges on the underside of their wings.

womanwisdom said...

i really sighed when i finished reading your post...i can feel how contented you are, and good for you!

i'm interested in your way of life, how wonderful it is to have much peace around...i have been thinking of settling in a little farm in the rurals...

we are preparing for the Youth Camp for Peace which our non-governmental organization called "Binhi ng Kapayapaan" (Seed of Peace)is preparing for. this event aims to "build bridges" among the tri-people of Mindanao, Muslim-Christian-Lumad( or Indigenous, the most marginalized 'minorities' like the Manobos,Bagobos, T'Bolis,etc.), by holding youth leadership training camps which will go on for 5 years. seems like we've got lots of work to do!

oh well, so much for the end of the day, i'll just have my cup of (i'll say that again) freshly brewed mountain have some with me, AussieFriend! stay happy...enjoy life...go gently...your blog is uplifting!


Radka said...

Hello. You have very nice blog. Your photos are amazing. Also like to take pictures. But I am an amateur photographer. I take pictures like, just for fun and joy. Have a nice day, Radka.

Aussiemade said...

Radka I am a keen photographer, I take hundreds of photos to get one or two that I love. Thankyou for your comments, and for coming to visit. :)