Wednesday, 9 September 2009 I am not a domestic goddess

Not being a great fan of house work, and having let the house work get away from me, I made a decision to get on with it yesterday.

So first thing I took the wonder dog for his walk and game in the morning, in the rain.

I realised that I needed to get my bare rooted nectarine tree I purchased the day before on my trip to Hobart, into the ground quickly.  I noted it had buds forming. I  had the almond and a lilac that I had taken from the front of the house(driveway entrance east gets little morning sun and that is all), to put in the back yard, west facing.  So off course I decided to get these done first.

Wonder Dog catching the ball, (not taken yesterday, as you can see the sun is shining, but I love this shot)

 I removed the walnut and nectarine that had not survived the lack of water last summer and too much water now, and planted the nectarine and lilac in their places.  I also dug a hole for the almond to go in the chook run, to provide the chooks when they arrive, some shade.  Trees planted.

Lilac bush transplanted to new home
hmm what was it I was going to do today?

The dog was having fun out side so I played with him, in the rain, as it was drizzling off and on as I did all the planting.
I noted that the raspberry patch needed to be weeded and the canes from last year cut back.  So I did this, as it really needed to be done right at this moment.  Their is already great growth on the new raspberry canes, and I must wire them up a bit better this year.   
Hmmm now what were my plans?

So after this I weeded some of the flower beds a bit, and sowed some parsley seeds, as you have to keep parsley seeds moist, and it was raining again, so perfect time to sow them.  In went triple leaf and Italian parsley.
One of the possums that comes to visit us, at the kitchen window.  It is an old photo but show you their dexterity, and cuteness.  (I love them but they do a like to nibble on my plants)

Funny there is something at the back of my mind I was going to be doing today, what was it?
Having sown the parsley directly out side and some flower seeds, I thought I should plant up some more seedling punnets.  I have planted climbing tomatoes Black Krim, Black Zebra, and Wapsipinnicon Peach, along with Rockmelon French Charentais, so my hope chest is filling again, and I have replanted my beans quite a variety.
What a handsome Scarlet Robin.. he was watching as I weeded

This is looking NE up the Huon River in a general direction towards Hobart, one of my routes to work/Hobart takes me along the river, the following shots were taking at about 6:30am as I was heading to Hobart 70kms away to do some shopping.  Don't ask why I was leaving at this time, especially as even eating breakfast on the way, I discovered the shops don't open till 9am in Hobart.  So wondered about for 45mins.   

The photo on the left is looking across the river the sun is just coming up but we are looking west here.  I am not sure which mountain range these are.  The road is very windy it takes between 45minutes to an hour.

Below some people fishing down in ront of our place
I dont rush as it is such a pretty drive and I have to watch out for possums, wallabies, potaroos, bentongs, quolls and rabbits.
I really do not want to hit any of the wild life well maybe a rabbit would not be a bad thing....
  We do not have wombats or Tasmanian devils in our area.
 Very little house work has been achieved today..ah well it will be there tomorrow and so will


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I love the picture with the river! and the possum is adorable! Great picture with Your dog too!I really have to travel down to Your part of the world one day! All animals You mention is so exotic for me! I have to se a possum and a wallaby and especially a wombat before I die :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I forgot to mention that I have a nectarine tree in my garden. It´s really too cold for it to live here, but I haven´t toold it that yet :-) I´ve sown it from seed and this spring it flowered for the first time! Unfortunally strong frost came during that, so I didn´t get any fruit. I just have to hope frost woun´t come next year instead.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I could let every day be like that! There is nothing better than being in the garden, and you are right, the housework is always there:)

Aussiemade said...

Thanks Christer, it is amazing, Australia. I have a lemon that is wrapped up at night by hessian material to keep it from getting frost bitten. We don't get many frosts and wind is actually more of a problem but it keeps both out. I just put four star pickets in with mesh that keeps the wallabies from eating the tree, and drape the top and sides with the hessian.

Thanks Molly, yes the garden is addictive

jaz said...

that's the thing about NEVER goes away!!!! your photos are smashing!!! especially the one of the wonder dog catching the ball. teddy is really stubborn. she won't take these pills no matter how i disguise them. i have tried everything. today i am going to the store to buy meat to make a mixture that she can't possibly turn away from. ground lamb, beef and liver....i wonder how fast she can run with her bad leg, haha!!! crisco is shortening....american lard!

womanwisdom said...

hello there, beautiful Tasmania! your version of an island is truly amazing! i love your living things out there! like Christer, i too have to see a possum, wallaby and wombat before i die!

and the domestic demands, oh boy, it'll always be there...there's something to do around the house, no matter what time, what day, whatever! isn't it good to escape from time to time?! I visit the La Mesa watershed when rains are not heavy. a forest walk with my daughter is a great breather!

and my little, little garden...i hope to start soon...and be an addict too! thanks again! visiting your blog is uplifting!