Saturday, 3 January 2009

Welcome to my New Year! 2009

Well we are now into the third day of the New Year, and I must say I am feeling a great deal more positive than I have been. The downstairs bathroom, living area and kitchen are all lovely and tidy, and clean. So new resolution to take pride in my home, and myself have begun. I am also happy to share with you that the rain tanks are filling..I would still like more rain, as the soil is still not really moist yet, but more water than we may have had for summer. Especially as I left the tap on..loosing heaps. We have had to have the fire on the last two days, so cold, snow on the mountain range on Wednesday when I drove to work at 5;30am. Not sure how this unseasonal weather will affect the vegies, my tomatoes, egg plants, pumkins, and capsicums especially. Finished picking the last few heads of garlic, and have some lovely large ones. I also took out nearly all the broad beans, as they were getting to big in the pods, and the wind had decimated them. So my poor old vegie plots are looking a bit tragic. Raspberries going well. Second cherry tree hopefully will be ready to pick soon. I hope to spend a couple of days in garden next week. When I take the dog out I usually end up doing weeding for a

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