Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Summer seems to finally have arrived here.

We have had quite warm days the last couple and it has been great in some ways, but the all ready dry soil is worse now and not much green grass. Which probably explains why rabbits and other creatures are eating many plants not before eaten. Oh well sharing is My tomatoes are finally flowering and I have some very small green fruit appearing. Pumpkins are going well, and lots of flowers and several small pumpkins so fingers crossed. Most other things are going to seed, but I am still picking some silverbeet, peas, and finally my peas(those I planted in the raspberry bed are doing well. I have had very little success with those in the vegie garden. My sunflowers seeds have been shocking failures, I must have planted twenty and so far yet again only one appears to have grown. What is it with me this is the third year when I get only one flower. It has not flowered yet. My neighbours have squillions they grow them for their hens. Oh well there is always next year. Picked all the cherries now we got about 5kgs off the second tree, so we were happy with that. Water tanks are holding up well, we have a forecast for some showers later in week and highland snow, can you believe it. It is so hot even the bees are slowly buzzing a gin and tonic is looking good again tonight, with a frozen lime I have in freezer. A neighbours lime tree had heaps on it and I popped them whole in the freezer in a bag, and now slice one in half and lime gin and tonic. So I will sit and watch the shimmer on the water and hope again to see the dolphins. We had a pod of 8-10 swimming in the river on Monday evening, I saw them as I was driving home from work at 9pm. Oh yes you mainlanders it is still light at 9pm for the time being. No place like Tassie for summer evenings.

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