Saturday, 20 December 2008

Our Garden and some of our home grown produce

Dec 2008. I am so lucky my DH gave me a lovely digital camera for Christmas, and I have been getting used to it by taking photos of our garden. You will get an idea how dry it is, and why I was so upset when I accidentally left the tap on and we lost one whole tank of water. (reliant on tank water). Despite this my garden is growing, my new seedlings are taking. It is a work in progress, and fencing things to save them from the possums, wallabies, potaroos, bandicoots, and birds, has been a on going learning curve. The netting over the raspberries is working well. We have been eating raspberries from our garden. We have also been feeding the neighbours chooks, and getting eggs and some raspberries from their vines too. I picked a kilo to share for Christmas lunch. One of the covers over the cherries is fine, but the other cherry was invaded by a mother black bird and her three young, we evicted them and felt we had sealed the net up well. Only to come out the next day to find little birds in the cherry tree. Still we did end up with a lovely bowl of cherries from this tree, which we also took to share with family Christmas day. Much sweeter (if smaller) than the bought ones.


nettiescraps said...

Hi D
your house and garden look lovely, I cant wait to see more photos. Bet you are having a ball with the new Ricoh!


Aussiemade said...

thank you nettie gosh i missed this comment so sorry..better late than never