Saturday, 27 June 2009

I really do like rain, do the slugs and snails

I really have wanted to get out in the garden, it is just so wet underfoot, and even though I managed to plant some peas under my broad beans, I pulled a few weeds, it was just to mushy. The potato bed has its own moat thankfully I had piled up where the potatoes are a bit, seems to be keeping the animals that have been nibbling the leaves at bay. I am unable to get out their and kill off all the slugs and snails that are eating all the leafy plants. Even my comfrey, and other flowering plants that have never been attacked are under savage leaf eating attack at present. I did try some beer baits but they have all flooded as the rain has been intense. I have visions of no a leafy green left if we dont get some dry days for a week or so to allow me to decimate the slug snail population. Has anyone any ideas? Snail bait washed away, dusting with vacuum dust washed away, I am going crazy! There are so many I cant even hand pick them all! ARRRGH!

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