Thursday, 26 November 2009

Blue tongue lizard and garden

Life is getting back to normal here in Tassie, what with being away from home for 10days and coming home to a garden that had gone beserk, grass over 1m tall, foxgloves taller than us, and shrubs that now made it very difficult to walk on the very overgrown paths.  Ahhh gardening never go away in a good!
The paths that I had been slowly clearing over winter when possible and early spring, well I wonder why I even bothered.

 The difference between two photos is one on left the day I left, one on right day 10 days later.
My DH was checking his new fences, which he with only a small help from me put in all on his own.  (How proud I am of his achievement).  He came to me and said I think there is a snake caught in one of the fences.  Now all snakes in Tasmania are poisonous.  With a little trepidation I walked over to have a look.  Turned out, thankfully it was a blue tongue.

You can see in this photo where it is still swollen.

We have seen a blue tongue in the garden since this, and it may be this one.  I am sure a blue tongue is responsible for stealing our strawberries, hmm not sure if I am okay with  I just love the fact our garden is such a fantastic habitat and birds and critters live here and share our garden.  We get the delightful antics of the swallows and swifts.  The blue wren and his harem.  The lovely red robins.  Little finches, and the parrots.  Frogs croak at night and have even climbed our deck windows in the chase for bugs.  We have not seen our echidna for a while and I do hope it is still about.

Pink Flamingo rose.  My roses this year are looking fantastic.
My Mr Lincoln is still small but has buds and the perfume ohh
I have two other red roses both highly perfumed.
Daisies, California poppies and nigella seedlings which have now begun to flower.
I am lucky that my neighbour has very kindly let me borrow her digital camera to take these photos as mine is off being repaired.
We have picked over 8kgs of broad beans and still have some on the plants.  I have picked about 1/2kg strawberries but have to keep trying to beat the blue tongues.  Why is is you think ahhh that one will be ready in the morning, you go to pick it and there is only a part of it still there!
Our cherry trees this year are very disapointing.  Hardly any cherries on them.

I have had to replace the nectarine tree that I put in winter before as it did not survive, and thought the new nectarine was going down the same pathway.  I am so thrilled as it is leafing up beautifully.  My only fruit tree out of 9 that has fruit on it is a golden gage plum.  This was bought for the pollinator of the green we may get some plums.
The hazlenuts are looking great.  My almond is not doing a thing, it is still alive..but.

I hope to have more photos soon, to share.

My hope chest has began to be planted out.  With the death in the family and being on the mainland things got behind.
I have dug into the tomato and bean bed some of my terracotta pots and they are working really well.  I can tell how moist the soil is and only water now the seedlings are bigger when the pot is empty.  I fill the pot and give the seedlings a bit of a drink.
I have still to get other seedlings in but they are looking great and my hope is that this weekend they will be in.

The silver beet has gone to seed and I will have many seedlings sprout, I have brassicas growing..think they are the brussel sprouts I put in ages ago..hmm will have to wait and see what occurs.
I have several myster plants too that have sprung up in the vegie plot.  Along with seedling tomatoes, which are cherry and pear ones.  So it is begining to look very positive down here in Tassie.
Happy Gardening all.


Out Back said...

What a beautiful garden.

Wish I could look outside and see those gorgeous flowers.

Aussiemade said...

Thankyou Out Back. I love my garden even in its unruly weedy state.

greenfumb said...

Your garden looks so lovely, all those beautiful flowers. It reminds me of the garden we had in the UK.

I would have to spend all day watering to get flowers like that around here. My coreopsis and nasturtiums look as if someone has taken an arc welder to them.

TheWhineyFairy said...

ah, tassie bliss Aussie! Glad to see things are ticking along nicely. Hope you get some strawberries to yourself Really Soon!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It´s so nice to see how it´s flowering over at Yours and it looks so beautiful!

We only have one poisouness snake over here and it´s not that dangerous to be bitten by it.

It was a good year for cherries and plums here, but we didn´t get many apples. My nectarine tree flowered for the first time, but the frost were heavy and no pollinators were out flying. But now I know that I might get some nectarines if lucky. It shouldn´t even survive here where I live, the climate is usually to hard for nectarines.

Have a great day now!

Denise said...

I would love a garden like this, and your view looks totally outstanding. Gosh, an amazing place that I wouldn't want to leave, especially with all the wildlife it attracts. Next growing season I aim to do a better job, you have inspired me.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! Your blog is wonderful! I read all of this post and must go back and explore!
I will never lived in such a paradise, but I can visit yours. :)

I drink up blogs from other countries like a woman lost on the desert.
I am trying to talk my husband into an Cottage garden...but he just doesn't understand that at all. A lawn is what he thinks everyone should have! :)
We'll see.

JOC said...

Hi Aussie, I think the really wet winter and no bees around when the blossom was out is the cause of the dearth of fruit this year. I have an orchard of apples, plums and pears and there's only a handful of fruit on all of them. everyone down here is saying the same thing. The weeds however are prolific!